Signing up is easy! Go to www.bottlerocketrecycle.com and fill out our online registration.

Allow 1-2 weeks for a bin to be delivered to your home. The bin is made from cardboard which does require a safe and weatherless environment to ensure longevity. Places such as the garage or kitchen would provide easy access to depositing your empty containers.

Currently BottleRocket only accepts California Refund Value (CRV) bottles and cans. Look for the CRV or CA CASH REFUND tag on the container to ensure that the beverage is the proper type of material; examples of CRV containers are soda cans, water bottles, and glass beverages. Non-CRV items are not redeemable by BottleRocket and will result in a payment reduction if found in the bin; examples of non-crv items include milk containers, soap bottles, cardboard, paper. Please be sure to empty out your containers before depositing them into the bin!

Simply text the BottleRocket hotline and we will schedule you for the next available pick up day (pick up days are calculated by the demand of other pick ups near you - typically on Thursdays).

Please leave your filled BottleRocket bin outside the front door of your home where it can be visibly seen by the driver. A bin that is not visible could result in a failed pick up and would result in a later pick up date.

Please allow 1-3 business days for your material to be processed. During this time, the driver will take your material to our partner recycling center and redeem the bottles and cans on your behalf.

Boom! Your recyclables are processed, and now it's time to receive your reward. Log onto your account at www.bottlerocketrecyle.com to redeem your rewards. You can receive cash payment via Paypal or Venmo (2-3 days) or by check (5-7 days). Want to donate your earnings? You can also choose to donate your rewards to any charity of your choice!

The number of eligible CRV containers and contamination will determine the payment. Remember, a full bin is worth up to $5.00!


Bins Credit
1 $5
0.75 $2.50
0.5 $1

*Non-CRV material placed in bin cannot be counted towards amount

More than 1 bin: # of bins x $5.00 = $$$

We're still a growing company so we only have the current infrastructure to service residential communities. It also might be because we haven't yet landed in your area, but we can't wait to have you on board as Bottle Rocketeers. Sign up for updates as we continue to expand to be the first to know!