About Us

BottleRocket is the first on-demand service that rewards users for recycling. The first platform of its kind, our goal is to make it simple and fun for individuals to recycle single-use beverage containers. With our fresh, new approach to recycling, BottleRocket is leading the way to promote green habits in neighborhoods and change the way people view recycling - one bottle at a time!

Our Story

Born out of a college dorm room in 2015, BottleRocket was the brainchild of two best friends Arthur Avetisov and Brian Leung. As Political Science students, they noticed most of their peers were too busy to take their recycling to local recycling centers, where 100% diversion rates could be achieved.

After delving into the issue they discovered an even more striking problem at stake. Nationwide less than 50% of people in America recycle daily. For those of us who do: only 65% of material recycled with city collection bins end up actually being recycled.

The BottleRocket Mission

At BottleRocket, we believe that change starts with individuals. We provide all of our users with a free and effortless service that makes a positive impact on the environment.

Our bottles and cans are taken to local recycling centers where they are sustainably processed and diverted 100% of the time from waste landfills. The best part- our users take advantage of our direct to source partnerships and earn real money back for recycling.

Together, we can spark a movement that redefines the way the world recycles. You Recycle. We Pay. Earth Wins!

Our Team

Arthur Avetisov

Starting his own recycling company at age 17, Arthur brings over 7 years of recycling industry experience to the team. Operating his company throughout college, Arthur became interested in improving the efficiency of recycling. Cue BottleRocket, where Arthur seeks to make the act of recycling seamless for users. In his free time he enjoys snowboarding, and Tae kwon do.

Brian Leung

A Bay Area transplant, Brian is a tech analyst familiar with both the Silicon Valley and Orange County startup scenes. Passionate about social justice and equality, he is excited about BottleRocket's potential to spark a social movement and create a collective impact. When he's not crunching numbers, Brian can be found backpacking in Yosemite with his family.

Dinh Ho

A techology enthusiast who loves problem solving and hacking away at problems. Dinh loves architecting and implementing new things. Dinh brings over 4 years of industry and technology experience and expertise to the team. When he's not hacking away at his computer, he can be found playing video games online or watching his favorite comedy re-runs.